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  • A new line dedicated to eye and face protection, an indispensable weapon to defend yourself against the risk of contagion from COVID-19. Easy to clean and disinfect, perfect for long wear, they combine maximum protection with a comfortable fit.  Wear the personal protective equipment that best meets your needs. Take care of yourself and those around you!

    Polaroid Stay Safe Face Shield (Adult)

    Varenr.: 0037
    • Benefit:

      Protects full mouth, eyes and nose


      Professional PPE safety face visor provides safety to complete face. The ultra clear visibility of clear safety visor is a must-have features for people using it in professional, medical fields. Easy to clean with soap and water, adjustable fit for comfort while wearing it for extended hours.

      Polaroid Safety face visors Provides better complete coverage than typical face shields. Crystal clear visor with clear vision allows work to be done without the dangers of getting any flying objects in your eyes or face.

      Face distance up to 4cm: You can wear it even with your glasses).


      Made in Italy


      EU regulation 2016/425 ( PPE) certified


      Reusable upto 10,000 times

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