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    Bodyguard Fabric Mosquito Repellent Roll On

    Varenr.: 0019
    PrisFra ₹75,00
    • Bodyguard’s Fabric Roll-on is a herbal mosquito repellent. It is your personal bodyguard to protect you & your family from mosquitoes, day & night long! Your perfect protector for indoor & outdoor activities is here.

      How to Works?

      • 100%NATURAL - we use natural ingredients like Citronella oil & Lemongrass oil to keep mosquitoes away. It contains no harmful chemicals/DEET.
      • PROTECTION - Mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of the ingredients used & hence don’t come near you or your family.


      • For children above 7 months old, apply on fabric as instructed.
      • For babies up to 0-2 months old, apply on prams, cots, or strollers

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